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Nha Trang Sunshine Marina Bay
The first integrated entertainment resort construction in Vietnam

An integrated resort model, full of 5 star internaltional standard’s entertainment and commercial utilites, Nha Trang Sunshine Marina Bay becomes the symbol project of Nha Trang, bring its tourism step to a new term.

Bringing many multi-experience services, Nha Trang Sunshine Bay is like a marvelous cruise, brings tourists to new places every day. The most luxury peak of life or the prosperous place of the party festival, Nha Trang Sunshine Bay is a magnificent concert in the spectacular natural space of the ocean

The heart of a paradise beach

Located on Tran Phu Road, is seen as “golden land” along the coast of Nha Trang in Khanh Hoa Province. There is a throughout transpotation infrastructure which helps to travel easily to thhe inner and outer ares. Besides, Sunshine Marina is also near busy commercial centers and big government department, so it is convencient for all activities including entertainment, shopping, holiday.

More importantly, Sunshine Marina Bay apartments have a direct view to sea, guests can fully enjoy the scenery of Nha Trang Beach from radiant sunshine to dreamy sunset. Also this convenient location will create attractive investing possibilities.

Era of new resort tourism in Nha Trang

If Marina Bay Sands with Singapore had a spectacular change in 2010.

Burj Khalifa with Dubai affirmed their name on the word map

Then Nha Trang Sunshine Marina Bay will be a symbol building, marking a new turning point of Nha Trang. The project fully converges the characteristics of Integrated Resort model, a booming trend in the world

Integrated Resort Utilities
Gathering hundreds of world-class utilities

Sunshine Marina Nha Trang Bay pioneered to establish the Integrated Resort (IR) and entertainment model for the first time in Vietnam.

When the vacation is not just a vacation, the resort is upgraded to a new and endless new experience with luxury marina, glass bottom swimming pool, and commercial center, and top entertainment such as Casino, surfing, paragliding … brings inspiration to fully elevate the senses.

The prosperous place of the party festival

At Nha Trang Sunshine Marina Bay, each experience will embody the art of living, the paradise of lighr and music, lighting show, resort park or aquarium restaurant –  the regal banquet in the ocean.

Where technology realizes dream of entertainment

Taking customer as a center, Nha Trang Sunshine Marina is constantly customizing and improving service quality to bring the most convenience and comfort. Then technologu is more developing, more smart, and more modern, its time for people to simplify manipulation and optimize the experience.

  • Guests simplify manipulation and optimize the experience to enjoy the most convenient and comfortable holiday.
  • Services operations are automated by smart robot, replacing human and interacting with visitors through displays on tablet screens.
  • Information / parameters on booking history, estimated evenue, and profit are fully transparent with Sunshine App, answer easily to both parties’ common interests between apartments owner and investor.