Seeking for the most beautiful street of Nha Trang beach city

From the early 20th Century, white French villas spattered near the neglected beach of Nha Trang. The rich French was attracted by paradise beauty of Nha Trang beach when they first came here.

They soon realized the development potential of Nha Trang which is not only the biggest resort urban in Vietnam, but also is possible to develop over Indochina area. From this point of view, Tran Phu Street was planned with two distinct lanes to prepare for a development process in long term for Nha Trang in the future.

Tran Phu Street, known as the most beautiful road in Nha Trang, locates near Nha Trang beach and seems to never sleep. (Image: Internet)

After a century, Tran Phu Street still exists and parallels with development speed of geometrical progression of Nha Trang beach city, Khanh Hoa. According to report of Khanh HoaTourism Department, Khanh Hoa welcomes more than 6.1 million of tourist for accommodation travel, equivalent to over 113.5% in comparison with the same period last year.

Tourists visiting this Vietnamese famous beach city choose Tran Phu street – a busy street as a center of all vacation activities. Bathing beaches along Tran Phu street are long and breathtaking with a lot of hotels, resorts and restaurants operating busily at night. In June, 2018, Travel article of USNews newspaper publicized The 50 Most Beautiful White Sand Beaches in the World and Tran Phu – Nha Trang beach ranks 18.

Tran Phu is not only beautiful but also named as an Indispensable “spine” of beach city because 1m2 of land here costs up to 300 million VND. With the synchronous infrastructure and appearance of a series of high – rise buildings, real estate’s price here is predicted to boom in the upcoming time.

It is known that Tran Phu route is 12km long, paralleling the beach from Cau Da Bao Dai port, crossing Cai river to Bai Tien. This road seems to be a soft arc embracing spectacular Nha Trang gulf and travels with Nha Trang on the itinerary to become the second Singapore.

It is not until 1990 that there were low-rise hotels to serve for basic accommodation demands of tourists, however, Tran Phu street is exactly a modern and busy tourism city with a series of luxury and high rank leisure models.

Through statistic over years, Nha Trang always leads in the race of leisure real estate, surpasses Da Nang and Phu Quoc in term of source of supplying and room capacity. Especially, with investment of the rich owner of real estate and the projects of the century, Nha Trang is predicted to have been “the king” for a longtime.

Chairman of Khanh Hoa People’s Committee stated that: “If it is developed patiently, Nha Trang might be even more beautiful than Hawaii” thanks to synchronization of infrastructure, development potential and the beauty of leisure beach’s paradise – Nha Trang

New resort project on Tran Phu Street

In upcoming time, a breakthrough project symbolizing for Nha Trang tourism is being formed right in the center of Tran Phu street.

The complex of multi-experiencing resort and entertainment, Sunshine Marina Nha Trang Bay, is a project which is inspired by symbolic structures in famous tourism cities in the world. Sunshine Group, the investor of this project of “the century” in Nha Trang, expects that the project will make a big turning point on the way of supporting Nha Trang to be the second Singapore.

Being built with a rarely large area on busy Tran Phu street, Sunshine Marina Nha Trang Bay inherits lasting values resulting of prime location. Travelers here can easily connect to public transport system and inner city.

Located near the sea, this project enjoys the abundant vitality from the ocean and the vitality of good fortune, prosperity from city center.

Sunshine Marina Nha Trang Bay locates on the last golden location on busy Tran Phu street- “the heart” of Nha Trang.

In dawn, tourists can take opportunity of waiting for and seeing the poetic sunrise along the famous Tran Phu route when they stay here. In very early morning, tourist can get up and do morning exercise freely along this road. In addition, Tran Phu beach has the advantage of nature condition suitable for under water sports like surfing, paragliding, canoeing, etc., which brings about tourists unique experiences. When sun sets, Tran Phu street is brightened with colorful lights so that tourists can be sunk in the sparkling paradise of light and color. Tourist can also enjoy crazy dances with resounding music at noisy bars right on the beach.

Especially, in order to turn Sunshine Marina Nha Trang Bay into the resort paradise which can bring about tourists new experience, the investor, Sunshine Group, takes time and effort to travel all around the world to bring the most high-rank experiences of the rich to this project of “the century”.

Super project of Sunshine Marina Nha Trang Bay includes 5 towers where converges the best and most luxury activities of recreation, entertainment in the world.

High-rank yacht port must be mentioned first. Then, at Sunshine Marina Nha Trang Bay, tourists can experience the newest food in aquarium restaurant for the first time. This is considered as a luxury party in the ocean. Besides that, interesting experiences of taking a boat cruise on the river in inner area is deployed in Nha Trang.

It can be said that Sunshine Marina Nha Trang Bay, among a great number of other amusement centers along Tran Phu street, stands out as a symbol of the beauty of architecture, scale and complex multi-experiencing utility system which famous all over the world. From Sky Infinity Pool with glass bottom, Sky Desk và Sky Bar integrated on the rooftop, lighting show 365-day performance, food paradise, opera house to hundreds of other entertainment utilities with international standard, Sunshine Marina Nha Trang Bay expects to bring about tourists the way of endless vacations.